Anonymous asked: "I have a question about nails! I've gotten mine done a couple times but I've only stuck to basically the same design; a solid color, and then on my ring finger a bold. So I've never had anything on my nails, like rhinestones or anything. But I have a wedding coming up and I wanted to get nails that matched my necklace, which is gold with black stones. I was thinking maybe a matte black and then gold jewels on my ring finger. My question is, is it hard to keep the jewels on? What do u suggest?"

Hi! Depending on what you do on a daily basis will have a big factor on how long the jewels stay on, another factor would be the top coat that is used. A gel top coat would make the jewels stay on very well. As for me, I use Poshe’s Super-fast Drying Top Coat and I can usually get a day or two with all of my jewels still on my nails.  

posted 1 month ago

missedoprahtunity asked: "Are your nails fake or can you just paint them that perfectly?? u rock"

hahaha aw, thank you! :) my nails are real and I’m still working on painting them better. hahaha btw, I’m so sorry if this is a late reply. I haven’t checked my messages lately.

posted 1 month ago

Anonymous asked: "Hi hi... You're not doing Kpop inspired manis anymore?"

Hi! :)

Omg, I’ve been out of the kpop scene for almost over a year now! I’m so behind! T___T

I definitely don’t mind doing more kpop manis though; I gotta check out some of the current stuff for inspiration.

Any suggestions? :)

posted 7 months ago

sj-last-man-standing asked: "i first just like wanted to follow your blog because of the nails but then i noticed the kpop and i was like AWESOME!"

aw, how awesome; thank you!~ nails + kpop = YAYYYY! :D

Anonymous asked: "The pictures of your nails just made me jealous. I'm a nursing student so I can't paint my nails all pretty like yours."

Hi~ aw, you’re so sweet. maybe you can sport some pre-painted/designed false nails every so often? every girl deserves to have her nails pretty~

good luck & have fun with nursing school though :)

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "i'm not sure if you take requests and you don't have to do this, lol, but could you think about doing a kpop inspired mani on Junsu's Incredible MV? it's not my fav video, but it is quite colorful! or a mani inspired by Ailee's U&I? thanks for reading~~! ^^"

hi :) ermahgah, I’m Junsu biased yet I haven’t even watched that mv yet … smh. I’ll take a look at the mv as well as Ailee’s mv (cause i love Ailee too). hopefully, if I have time, I’ll be able to do something~ :)

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "I feel bad for asking you to do this again but your Joah Nails were so good (thank you for that :P) so... can you do a mani for his new MV that's coming out next week - I Like 2 Party :) Thank you in advance <3"

hi~ so sorry for the late reply OTL

I watched the mv for I Like 2 Party .. super bright & colorful … and Jay is soooo fiiiiiine :D if I have time, I’ll try to do a mani of it~

posted 1 year ago