Anonymous asked: "Hi hi... You're not doing Kpop inspired manis anymore?"

Hi! :)

Omg, I’ve been out of the kpop scene for almost over a year now! I’m so behind! T___T

I definitely don’t mind doing more kpop manis though; I gotta check out some of the current stuff for inspiration.

Any suggestions? :)

posted 5 months ago

sj-last-man-standing asked: "i first just like wanted to follow your blog because of the nails but then i noticed the kpop and i was like AWESOME!"

aw, how awesome; thank you!~ nails + kpop = YAYYYY! :D

Anonymous asked: "The pictures of your nails just made me jealous. I'm a nursing student so I can't paint my nails all pretty like yours."

Hi~ aw, you’re so sweet. maybe you can sport some pre-painted/designed false nails every so often? every girl deserves to have her nails pretty~

good luck & have fun with nursing school though :)

Anonymous asked: "i'm not sure if you take requests and you don't have to do this, lol, but could you think about doing a kpop inspired mani on Junsu's Incredible MV? it's not my fav video, but it is quite colorful! or a mani inspired by Ailee's U&I? thanks for reading~~! ^^"

hi :) ermahgah, I’m Junsu biased yet I haven’t even watched that mv yet … smh. I’ll take a look at the mv as well as Ailee’s mv (cause i love Ailee too). hopefully, if I have time, I’ll be able to do something~ :)

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "I feel bad for asking you to do this again but your Joah Nails were so good (thank you for that :P) so... can you do a mani for his new MV that's coming out next week - I Like 2 Party :) Thank you in advance <3"

hi~ so sorry for the late reply OTL

I watched the mv for I Like 2 Party .. super bright & colorful … and Jay is soooo fiiiiiine :D if I have time, I’ll try to do a mani of it~

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "What white polish do you use for your triangles? It looks really nice. Or is it still shear that you need to apply multiple times still?"

I use Wet n Wild’s White Creme polish. For the triangles, I used two coats of it; it covered well in one coat but I did two just in case.

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "Hi, i really love your floral designs :) I was just wondering with the roses that you do, the really intricate ones, are you using acrylic paint or is it nail polish? and how long do they take you because they look amazing :)"

hi :) thanks so much~ the roses that I do are done with nail polish. no acrylic paint; although I did use to use acrylic paint — I kinda gave up on it. I usually spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes on roses (the more intricate the roses, the longer it takes)~